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Featured Artist Interview: Josephine Barre

After a long hiatus, we are finally back and ready to delve deep into the minds of our much-adored Artists! Here, we’ll share our thoughts full of insight, anecdotes, mischief, and of course, lots of kink! In the first Featured Artist interview of 2016, let’s learn more about one of my favorite people in the world. Not only is she a brilliant switch and educator that I often describe as “seduction incarnate,” “both kittenish and tigress,” and “deliciously deviant,” she is one of the kindest, sweetest, most generous people I know. Personally and professionally, my admiration of Switch Josephine knows no bounds.

Hi Jo! So it’s a brand new year full of limitless potential. As with every new beginning, I think about the past and how far we’ve come. It’s been over a year since you’ve embarked on your journey as a pro kinkster. Can you tell us how you’ve changed since you started?

What a year it’s been! I’ve grown in many ways, and my play style has followed suit. I was initially a very eager and masochistic submissive with a budding interest in domination. As I’ve learned more about BDSM, and myself really, I’ve grown into a much more dominant, sensual, yet always playful partner. Although I remain a masochist, these days you’ll find me on the top more often than the bottom, both personally and professionally. However, whether topping or bottoming, I love sharing with and guiding partners through many BDSM facets.

What are some things you especially enjoy showing or teaching newcomers?

I’ve been fortunate to attract new partners who are seeking a nonjudgmental atmosphere to explore desires they previously shied away from. I’ve been told that I’m exceptionally accommodating and disarming despite my bold features (like the tattoos and epic hair). Being able to put people at ease and make them comfortable is a priority of mine, even when I’m in the dominant role. With all that in mind, my favorite thing to share is acceptance of one’s kinks. On a more tangible level, I love to include playful tutorials about basic rope skills, knots, and safety, demonstrating introduction to electro-play, and various impact toys. However, as we all know, the mental aspects of a scene are equally as important as the physical so exploring kink from multiple directions is a priority of mine.

I know you enjoy role play. I always recommend you when people ask my recommendation for Artists who love role play. Tell us more about that…

I’m very dedicated to role-play. I love to stay in character, consider myself very quick on my toes, and enjoy building backstory. I especially adore ongoing role-play, where my partner and I can grow together in various directions within the same narrative. It’s such a unique and playful rapport to share with someone.

What’s been one of your favorite role play scenes?

While the classics like teacher/student and secretary/boss will never go out of style, I have to admit what really excites me are the more taboo or unusual scenarios. Nun/priest has to be my current favorite on either side of the power dynamic. I really need to find a latex nuns habit that fits over my hair!

Hear that, dear gentleman reader? Who is willing to accept this challenge??
Ok, what else have you learned about yourself this year?

As a budding player, I was always very turned on by heavy degradation and humiliation. However, I soon discovered that I preferred to be either topping or observing this kind of heavier mental play than to be on the receiving end.

Humiliation and degradation are very touchy and delicate subjects, especially when playing with a new partner. What advice do you have for our readers who are turned on by the idea of exploring this with us, but don’t want to hurt us (or anyone partner) in the process?

Communication is key, enthusiastic consent is non-negotiable. It’s important for dominants to observe their submissive’s body language and to be flexible for any potential changes in the scene. When playing with an Artist, respect your submissive, not just as someone who is fulfilling your fantasy, but defer to them in certain areas such as safety protocol because they are professionals for a reason. They are providing you an opportunity to grow as a dominant, and that’s very valuable. And remember, this is for fun. Even if your sub’s fun includes tears, they should still feel safe and appreciated. Always.

That’s a great example of a fantasy that might be hotter in your head than in reality. But have you discovered any new interests that were unexpected?

Pet play is an example of something that wasn’t on the top of my wish list but is now a favorite. Also, needle play and medical play, once limits, are now a current favorite in my personal life. It’s actually very wonderful how you can grow and surprise yourself, and as a switch, it’s been great to play from different ends of the spectrum.

I’ve heard some pretty incredible stories from you this year. Will you share some of your favorite kink experiences from the past year?

I’ve been very mischievous this year! I’ve introduced vanilla friends to their first dungeon experience. I’ve been tied down to a large boulder and whipped in the countryside. I’ve gone sailing in the Caribbean with my two daddies. I’ve teased willing partners through a sex party with a stun gun. I’ve had my breasts sutured together. I’ve orchestrated a lady-only g/s scene followed by a glorious bubble bath. I perused the farmer’s market in head to toe latex at 10 am on a Wednesday…

You are a latex fetishist. What about it appeals to you? How do you like to incorporate that into your scenes?

I feel very sexy when constricted whether it’s in a corset, in mummification, in leather bondage, or in latex. I know that’s many people’s first complaint when they try it on, but I was hooked instantly. The shine is gorgeous. The smell is triggering. The shape it gives you is phenomenal. Oh goodness, I love it all! I’ve incorporated it into my everyday wardrobe as well, mostly with separates. That’s been a fun surprise as my latex collection grows. I enjoy partners who share my fetish with a desire to worship and shine my latex. Other times I just want to feel like a shiny little doll. I think it’s also wonderful to showcase latex clothing to someone who has never encountered it. Latex requires a little bit of extra care and preparation for a scene so I always appreciate timely requests.

You are an artist. Can you tell us how being a pro kinkster has affected your art? And vice versa?

Well, my artwork has certainly taken a dark and delicious turn. I often borrow kinky imagery and materials such as leather to create two dimensional imagery. And my play style continues to be creatively and aesthetically driven. The entire story arc of a scene can feel like living art with heightened emotions and gorgeously crafted ensembles.

I know you are constantly striving to learn, to fill your life with new knowledge and adventures. What drives you?

I feel very blessed to live a lifestyle that’s conducive to other pursuits. I try to never take that for granted which is why I try to balance my free time with making art, exercising, learning new skills, collaborating with friends, and reading. I think it’s very important to actively work on bettering oneself from multiple angles. When I’m feeling healthy and productive, I feel like I’m capable of being the best friend, individual, and partner I can be.

What’s on the agenda for this year?

I want to travel! First, I’m off to Southeast Asia for the month of March, and when I return I’ll only be scheming up my next adventure. Mexico City, Berlin, Peru, Alaska, Havana…just a few places I’ve been really daydreaming about recently. Along with maintaining an active lifestyle, both mentally and physically, I hope to volunteer more. I also really want a puppy. However, that will have to wait until after I whittle down my travel list.

We’ll miss you while you are away! But I hear you are starting a blog. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep up with your adventures, naughty or no, while you are abroad. What do you hope to share with your readers?

Yes, I am excited! I’ll be focusing on sharing current, original and candid content alongside the occasional aesthetic inspiration. Expect new photos, ramblings, and even videos! Stay tuned.

And that, my lovelies, concludes our conversation with dear Switch Josephine…a fearless adventurer, a dedicated educator, consummate role play artist, mischievous minx, and lastly, charming puppy lover (of both human and canine kind). Check out her profile here to learn more and get to know this warm, wonderful kinkster in person!

Can’t get enough? Keep up with her new blog to get your daily dose of kinky Jo!

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