Your session is a reflection of your desires, and no one else’s. Whether you yearn for steely discipline or lighthearted teasing, the Artist that you choose is as eager to challenge and excite you as she is respectful of your limits. Both beginners curious to learn unfamiliar protocols and experienced players seeking the familiar sounds and sensations of their favorite toys will find themselves submerged in erotic power exchange.

Together, we pick the tools, and then we show you just how well we can wield them! The inhibitions that prevent you from exploring, doubts concerning what is ok to like and what is not, are merely lines in the sand waiting for the right wave to wash it clean. The sensation of touch, whether it be a tickle, a spank, or a hard flogging, is just as important as the correct dialogue. Thorough negotiation allows us to determine what level you’re starting at and where we can take you: it’s a thrill to show our submissives what subspace is all about.

Maybe the dungeon in your mind’s eye is a cage of strict, steel confinement, or maybe it is padded with lush satin sheets and goose down pillows. Maybe you want to be whisked away from public streets and your peers’ prying eyes, or maybe you want to squirm beneath them in the seat of a trendy restaurant. Only you will know the true meaning behind your companion’s sly smile as she asks the waiter to recommend a perfect white whine to compliment your meal.

Perhaps your fantasy is not yet fully formed, or your curiosity is restricted to some fetishes and not others. Pain is your thing, or maybe it isn’t…that is ok! The desire to submit is multifaceted, and so are we. Just as you can expect a unique style of play from each Artist on this site, you can also expect a professional who cares deeply about creating a safe and exciting space to explore. We are kink positive and passionate about educating the individuals who seek to grasp the taboos that excite them.

Sometimes, the best way to open someone’s eyes is with a blindfold!