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“A note about body rub options” – Erin Black

When on tour, I’ve decided to start offering body rubs. I understand that when I’m entering a new market where folks aren’t familiar with me, it’s never a bad idea to give them an idea of what an encounter with me might be like. A massage option is perfect for those curious about my particular vibe but don’t want to go HAM right out of the gate. ;)

So, here’s what you can expect concerning body rub options from me!

You’ll always receive the kind of touch you want, so letting me know that you’re looking for a light touch rub or something more akin to an actual massage is a great place to start. I’m happy to provide both, and this is especially important when booking a classic body rub. You’ll be able to begin to feel my intensity and willingness to please with this session, and you can start to feel my soft body from on top of my lingerie. My hands will be what brings you over the edge, and you’ll only be able to enjoy one cup. If you’re looking for MSOG, you should definitely check out another option. This experience is great for those just looking to see if we will in fact get along prior to booking a more voracious experience.

GFE body rubs are far more interesting and fun (for me, at least!) than classic body rubs. If you book a GFE body rub, you’ll need to let me know what’s more important to you, the GFE part, or the body rub part. If the body rub is more important, you can expect lots of attention to your aches and pains. You’ll be able to touch me under my lingerie, and I’m often happy to go topless or fully nude should there be reason to take my panties off (DATY is definitely allowed during a GFE body rub!). Lots of intense kissing, groping, and BBBJ makes for an experience more akin to a 3rd-base makeout session. While I’m happy to attempt MSOG, this is best left for sessions that are 1.5 hours or longer. If you’re looking for more than this, your best bet is the Romantic Rendezvous.

Kinky Tie and Tease experiences are by far some of my favorites! These experiences involve blindfolding, light bondage with cuffs and rope, and different sensory play toys like vibrators, whartenberg wheels, latex, fur, feathers, and more! If you have particular sensations that you’d like to explore, you can feel free to either ask about them or bring them along with you. You’ll be brought to the edge time and again with a combination of toys, hands and perhaps even a mouth. The purpose of this type of massage is to let intensity build so that the ending is nothing less than explosive. This experience is all about you and your surrender to pure enjoyment and bliss. You may get the opportunity to touch me lightly through your bondage, and I’ll use different parts of my body as sensory toys, but there’s no DATY involved in this kind of session. Light kissing and use of my mouth on your body is definitely something I enjoy. If you’re looking to explore other areas that encompass kink, fetish, and bdsm play more thoroughly, take a look at the Kinky Companion section.

I hope this helps you when choosing a session with me!

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