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“More than a year in review” – Erin Black

October 16, 2015

I acquired my own space in August of 2014, and I just realized that I passed my one-year anniversary there with no to-do about it at all. I thought I’d take a moment to reflect over this last year and the many interesting and wonderful things I’ve come to learn concerning this path I’ve chosen to take, and those who I have met along the way. It’s been a fabulous adventure, and I can’t wait to see what another year brings!

When I first acquired my space, I was also renting it through a popular website for short-term visits. That posed interesting to say the least, and while i had nothing but 4 and 5-star reviews, my listing was pulled for unknown reasons (i have my thoughts, but those are best left alone). It ended up being a blessing in disguise, though. Not long after I’d acquired my space, Elle and Betsy came into my life and i honestly don’t think two more caring, passionate, honest, and loyal people could have come into my life under the guise of work associates just to become two of my very best friends. We’ve helped each other grow in what we do, both commercially and creatively. We’ve built a space together that we are proud to show off and call ours, and our clients recognize that about the space. Outside of work though, I’m honestly truly blessed to have Elle and Betsy as wonderful friends. So fiercely loyal, protective, hot, and saucy. Always scheming, dreaming, planning, and doing. I’m really just so thankful.

While we’ve done some updating, like getting a king-sized bed with a ton of storage and changing the lighting to make it more sultry and less bedroom-y in the bedroom, we’ve also had our misfires. Our swing is still in the bottom of the closet, hoping to one day be installed once we figure out how to get the last bolt to actually hold weight. The space has endured not one but two broken ceiling-mounted mirrors (thank goodness no one was around to get hurt!), a broken shelf, and several other mishaps that are just the basics of getting a space together. Hopefully, we can get a few more things going in the bedroom and call it a day in there. Hopefully, i can get a new ceiling mirror in the front space and mount it so it won’t come crashing down to the floor.

A few ladies have come and gone, and each of them have been wonderful in their own unique ways. The ladies i have renting from me now though are wonderful. Hard working hustlers who are courteous, timely, and always communicative.

I’ve been truly blessed in my endeavors on my own as well. Diversifying my income streams, consolidating my rates (which is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done), and continuing to be graced with the presence of fabulous clients both new and recurring. I’m always so honored that my clients come back to see me time and again; I know they have choices in who they see, and while I’m not the most expensive around, there are those less expensive. I appreciate that their hard-earned money is spent with me. I also appreciate when their hard-earned money is spent with any of the ladies who use my space. What’s good for one ends up being good for all, really.

My personal life remains vibrant and entertaining as always, and while some things might have felt a bit roller-coaster-like this past year, the 4th quarter is looking to be calm. I’m lucky that my health as evened out. I’m lucky to have developed the expensive but incredibly rewarding hobby of cycling both on and off-road. Cycling has helped me with a lot; it’s helped with perspective, stress, and building a stronger set of beautiful legs (though they might be covered in bruises more frequently).

Really, i just find myself building the life that I truly want. A life full of love, lust, energy, and happiness. I want to continue sharing that with all of you as best I can, and I hope that you’ll come to share things with me.

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