Erin Black

Chicago’s Full Figured Fetish Companion and Mistress

Miss Erin Black - Chicago’s full figured fetish companion and Mistress
5'10" (178 cm)
Body Type:
Voluptuous, full-figured
Body Size:
42E-40-44, Size 16/18
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Play style:
Sensual Domme/Deviant Switch
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:
Chicago, Cleveland, and Travel by Request

Suppose you’re looking for something out of the ordinary; something new and exciting. Something different. Something outside of your daily routine. Your taste is exquisite, and you’re looking for an experience that mirrors your taste. You want to be left with a memory that just won’t go away. You need to be left with something new to look forward to again and again.

Perhaps I’ve caught your eye because I’m that woman you’ve always wondered about. The confident, full, soft, sultry woman with an air that’s difficult to pinpoint. You’ve always been curious about being with a woman like me. I’m sensual, colorful, assertive, and strong. You wonder if my personality matches my visage. I can assure you that it does.

Some may call me a modern-day libertine; an unexpected companion that’s delightfully unrestrained yet skillfully discreet. Come see things through my eyes. A little darker. A bit more sultry. A little closer to the edge. Delight in new experiences where you can live out your most taboo fantasies and discover new passions. Enjoy yourself, and learn to play with sensuality. Relax and let me guide you into my world; a world where creativity and play mingle seamlessly with sensuality and kink.

The taboo is what brought you here; you’ve found what you’re looking for. From expanding your palate to pushing your limits, my persuasive talents will take you places you never thought you’d venture. While I love vanilla experiences, kink is what really gets me going. My time spent as a both a personal and professional kinkster has granted me vast and varied experiences in BDSM, fetish, and kink.

When asked what my kinks and fetishes are, I always come back to the idea of constructing environments and interactions. While I enjoy many specific areas of BDSM, creating memorable experiences is my true kink and what makes me such a versatile player. Tell me what you want; tell me your desires. Fantasies of submission; daydreams of domination. Let me be your muse and guide.

My private incall is furnished with various pieces of custom-built equipment and loaded with unique and versatile implements that I can teach you all about!

While my interests are vast and varied, I do have hard limits. They include:
Unsafe encounters. I always play with risk-reduction in mind.
Play with anyone who cannot give full consent.
Play involving scat or vomit, i.e. “brown showers” or “roman showers.”